Domotica Integrata S.r.l. is a company controlled by Info Solution S.p.A. group and it has its ten-year experience in designing and the development of technology systems and the professionalism of all its staff.

Info Solution S.p.A. 

It is a company specialized in designing of high-technology products, such as  aerospace, telecommunication and electronics, and it is the technology dynamic and reliable partner of companies aimed to design products and microprocessor-based system.

Info Solution S.p.A. was born in Milan in March, 1998, specializing in designing of software and firmware for high-technology real-time system: Aerospace (Avionics, Space and Defense), Telecommunication and Industry, such as Transport, Consumer Electronics and Household Appliances.

As the years go by, the company has gained the resources and the capabilities necessary to manage completely the design of microprocessor-based system and its supervision system:

  • Design and develop of embedded software (ES);
  • Design and develop of supervision applications software (OS);
  • Design and develop of hardware, board, applications on FPGA and system prototype (EH).


CHEONIX is a section of Save Energy aimed to water accounting and remote monitoring of integrated water systems.





Wednesday, 03 February 2010
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